MAY 25, 2023

Episode 1: Leadex Gen Z and Millenial of The Week

– Who is London?

I am London, a creative from Ghana who wears many hats. I create content, influence others, direct projects and manage social media accounts. I do quite a lot!

 – What’s the most hilarious experience you’ve had living in Ghana?

I remember one time when I was in elementary school. It was raining one day, and I had gotten my clothes from school. My parents weren’t home, so I had to find the keys because I knew they would have left them behind. So I went to this woman who owned a provision store nearby. She might have had my keys. When I got there, I grabbed the keys from her and ran home as fast as possible so that I could watch my favourite cartoon at that time. 

On my way out of the store, I tripped and fell in a really embarrassing way–I tore part of my uniform! It was hilarious! I had to turn around and cover myself with my hand so no one saw me while walking back through an alleyway towards home. Once I realised no one had seen me fall, I ran through our main gate pretending everything was normal. Someone from across the street saw me fall though and just started laughing at me!

– How have you been able to navigate in this industry considering the huge influx of content creators?

I think the only thing you can do is find your tribe, you know? And that’s something that has helped me navigate in the industry where I’m in because I won’t lie to you. You could tell that the creative space has now been saturated. But if you find your tribe, you know–the type of people you appeal to, you know–your audience, if you know what makes you stand out, what makes you unique, that’s the only thing that will make you stand out because me personally–I know that yes–I’ve seen people who are just consistent but I have come to define consistency differently.

– What’s one important tip you’d love to share with young people for managing their mental health?

All I will tell you is don’t look at the numbers, don’t read the comments, just be focused deep down within yourself. You have a plan, you have a dream; just put your eyes to it. Don’t let social media pressure you into doing things too fast. Just take your time and do things at your own pace. You’ll be great!

–  Let us end this battle: Nigerian or Ghanaian Jollof?

 Not because I’m Ghanaian, but to be honest, to be really honest here, Ghanaian Jollof slaps different

– Mention your biggest pet peeve

I hate it when people make assumptions.


Thank you so much for this opportunity Leadexship community, I’m glad to share my experience with you.


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